Conference Registration - Scientific Program on Sep 15, 2017

Vascular meets Medical Technology - Scientific Program of Baltic Vascular Conference

Radiation and Contrast-Agent Saving Techniques

Vascular medicine gained enormous impact over the last 20 years with the development of the endovascular access. Clinicians and engineers are constantly working on the progress of these techniques.
The BALTIC VASCULAR CONFERENCE will address new technical developments in Vascular Medicine but includes also an educational program to keep the expertise in traditional open techniques.
The main focus will be given to radiation and contrast-agent saving techniques, including new imaging and intraoperative visualization techniques, as well as efforts in hybrid and navigation techniques.

The BALTIC VASCULAR CONFERENCE is mainly addressed to vascular clinicians and engineers who are developing the vascular medicine for the next decade. The concept is based on the interdisciplinary contemplation of actual clinical vascular challenges and their solution approach with medical technology. Leading scientists in the fields of vascular medicine and medical engineering will provide significant information to the audience.

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