Exclusions of liabilities - General conditions of use of the websites

1 Areas of application

Users of the accessible websites of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.), Maria-Goeppert-Strasse 1, D-23562 Luebeck, Germany, namely: infinite-science.de and iwmpi.org, hereby expressly declare themselves in agreement with the following terms and conditions of use, without any further explanation. In this regard, the online viewable terms and conditions as valid at the point in time of use, are applicable. Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) hereby recognises no other divergent terms and conditions, unless it confirms these in writing.


2 Content, offerings and liabilities

Information from Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) as well as that of third parties is viewable on the accessible websites: infinite-science.de and iwmpi.org, to include product offerings. When such information originates from third parties, it will be appropriately declared as third party material. Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) is only liable for loss or damage caused to users when visiting the websites: infinite-science.de and iwmpi.org, after having placed their trust in the correctness of such information, when this is attributable to the premeditation or gross negligence of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) or its legal representatives or vicarious agents, or attributable to slight negligence in the infringement of so-called ‘cardinal’ contractual duties (i.e. a culpable infringement of essential contractual duties, on which the user of the websites is entitled to depend).

In regard to the offerings of information and products of third parties, as well as of private persons (e.g. in discussion forums), Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) merely makes the technical medium available. The content and offerings thus made available to the users of the websites represent the information of the relative copyright owner, author or disseminator and not that of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.). Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) is therefore not responsible in any manner whatsoever for the exactness or reliability of such content, information and offerings. In particular, Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) is not liable for any relative loss or damage, which might occur to the users of the websites, because they placed their trust in the accuracy of such content, information or offerings. Participatory contributions, which are destined to cause detriment to third parties, or which include purely advertising mediums, are erased by the webmaster of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) and are immediately reported to the police in cases of infringements of the criminal law or the fairness-of-competition legislation. Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) hereby expressly distances itself from such type of contributions.


3 Copyrights, user rights and content

The copyrights, protection rights and other rights of third parties with which the users of the websites: infinite-science.de and iwmpi.org, come into contact, remain entirely with the relative owners of the rights and are thus appropriately protected. When not otherwise prohibited in any one single case, users of the websites have a statutory entitlement to take a few small-sized copies of the content, provided that such copies are only for personal use and, that it is ensured that all details on the notices of the protection rights are upheld.

The dissemination of any content and data reproduced on the websites: infinite-science.de and iwmpi.org, as well as their implementation, is prohibited on third-party websites in any form whatsoever.

It is also prohibited to exploit any databases associated with website offerings, without the prior express approval of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) for commercial purposes. Any misuse will be prosecuted by Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) under the criminal law.

In the cases of ‘closed’ user groups, each individual user will receive a personal access user name and password for his or her workstation. The user should keep these confidential and not make them known to third parties. The user should change these when they might become known to a third party. The passing on of the content of databases to third parties, also when only in small measure, is forbidden.



4 Obligations for dialogues

The users of the websites: infinite-science.de and iwmpi.org are obliged to restrict themselves to professional exchanges of information when using the dialogue offerings and to avoid advertising jargon, as well as taking the requirements of other users into consideration. Infringements could involve the erasure of contributions and the cancellation of membership.


5 Access rights

When making a registration, intending future users are to provide correct responses to the queries posed. Intending users should in particular not indicate details of third parties, and are obliged to update their details in cases of change.

The access details: Email address and password or user name and password, are only for the use of the intended user personally. Users should not pass the access details to third parties or reveal these otherwise to others. When a user is notified of any misuse of access details or even suspects that such is the case, then he, she or it should inform Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) with immediate effect. Users are liable for the consequences of any misuse of access details by third parties when the users are responsible for the misuse involved. This can also lead to a situation in which compensation must be paid by the user for unauthorised orders. The liability of a user is only ended when the user informs Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) of the unauthorised use or of the loss of the access details and alters the password as required.

Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) is however entitled to reject any one registration without giving any reasons. Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) is also entitled at all times, to block, deactivate or suspend permanently or provisionally access details in cases of infringements of these user terms and conditions (in particular: for the provision of false indications upon registration and/or the unauthorised passing-on of the details to others, and in particular the password), and/or finally to disallow access with immediate effect or for a certain time period at the discretion of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.), and/or to terminate the user agreement extraordinarily without giving a time period of notice. The same will also apply for cases of misuse, damaging or encroachments upon the functionality of the overall offering. After such a case, a person will not be entitled to make a new registration without the prior express approval of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.). Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) hereby also reserves the entitlement to assert indemnity claims for any loss or damage.


6 Availability

There is no claim to access to the websites of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) at any and all times. The websites can be rendered provisionally inaccessible for servicing and maintenance routines and/or because of technical disruptions, without any claims accruing against Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.).


7 Data protection

The protection and security of the personally referred data of a customer is an important matter for Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.). All information on such matters is to be found in the ‘Data Protection Declaration of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.)’.


8 Sundry matters

The body of law of the Federal Republic of Germany is to apply for all legal relationships emanating from the use of the accessible websites: infinite-science.de and iwmpi.org.


9 Fail-safe clause

Should any one stipulation of these user terms and conditions be or become ineffective, or lose their legal effectiveness in whole or in part at any later point in time, then this is not to affect the effectiveness of the remaining stipulations. In such cases, the contractual parties are to agree to negotiate a replacement stipulation coming closest to the economic intent of the original ineffective stipulation. The same is to apply for any loopholes.



Exclusions of liabilities


1 Links and hyperlinks to other websites

Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) also makes available on its websites hyperlinks to other websites. Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) is not responsible for the content of such linked external websites and has no influence on them. Any sort of comprehensive control over linked external websites is not possible for Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.), as changes to the content can be made at any time. Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) does not adopt any ownership for the content of any linked external websites. Should users discover any legal infringements in the contents of linked external websites, they should inform Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) via email address: info@infinite-science.de, to enable a removal of the link if considered necessary.


2 Content of the internet appearance

Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) is continually verifying and updating the information on its websites. Despite all due care, information data may have changed in the meantime. Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) can therefor adopt no liability or guarantee for the up-to-dateness, correctness, entirety or quality of the information displayed.

Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) is therefore not liable for loss or damage of any tangible or intangible nature, which could be caused directly or indirectly by the use or non-use of the displayed information and/or by the using of erroneous and incomplete information, provided that it is not culpable of premeditation or gross negligence. Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) is entitled without notice to alter, supplement, erase or discontinue publication of the internet offering in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently.


3 Copyrights and trademark rights

Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) makes every effort to observe the copyrights of all graphics, audio documentation, video sequences and text passages displayed in its publications, and to employ its own graphics, audio documentation, video sequences and text passages derived from these, or to fall back on licensed graphics, audio documentation, video sequences and text passages. All the protected brand names and trademarks mentioned within the internet offering and others protected by third parties as the case may be, are unrestrictedly subject to the regulations of the trademark legislation valid for the time being of the relative registered owners. The mere mention of a name or designation is not to lead to the conclusion that trademarks are not protected by the rights of third parties.

The copyrights for all material produced by Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) itself, and published by it remain solely with Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.). No duplication or exploitation of such graphics, audio documentation, video sequences and text passages in other electronic mediums or print media, is permitted without the express permission of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.). The layout of the websites, the graphics employed and all the content are copyright protected.


4 Declaration of agreement

Visitors to – and users of – the Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.) websites immediately agree to accept the rules of use and all other stipulations included therein and/or to which reference is made here, as well as with all additional stipulations, terms and conditions displayed on the website pages. When a user is NOT in agreement with the user rules, stipulations, terms and conditions, he, she or it should NOT visit or use the internet websites of Infinite Science GmbH (Inc.).

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